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Artists by Medium


Mugs by artist Judith Bryant

Judith Bryant

Stoneware and

Porcelain Pottery

Clay plant holder by KC Clayworks

KC Clayworks

Clay Ornaments & Wall Vases

Pot by artist Kileh Friedman

Kileh Friedman

Stoneware and

Porcelain Pottery

Plate made by Leslie Koehler

Leslie Koehler 

Hand-Thrown and Painted

Terracotta Pottery

Pottery made by artist ken Martin

Ken Martin


Clay cups made by Matlak Mayforth

Matlakwauhtli Mayforth

Riverware Stoneware Pottery


Fabric art display of work by artist Jeri Canfield

Jeri Canfield

Quilted Throw Pillows, Tablerunners, Bags & Potholders

Colwell, Win_Paper Lanterns.jpg

Winslow Colwell

Geodesic Folded Lanterns

Crawford, Carol - fingerlace shawl.jpg

Carol Crawford


Pamela Farnsworth

Handbags and Accessories

Flying Hawk book made by artist Jane Ploughman

Jane Ploughman

Handcrafted Journals

Ellen Spring

Colorful Dyed and Block Printed Scarves and Clothing


Zigmund, Terry 3 LR.jpg

Terry Zigmund

Stained Glass


Dalton, Amy 5 _edited_edited.jpg

Amy Dalton

Eclectic, Hand-Crafted Jewelry

A necklace made by David Epstein

David Epstein

Lake Champlain

Beach Stone Jewelry

Elin Joy

Metal Nomad

Blue glass earrings by artist Cherie Marshall

Cherie Marshall

Fused Glass Earrings and Necklaces

A necklace made by Kathy Mitchell

Kathy Mitchell

Unique Earrings and Necklaces


John Arthur

Copper Nature Sculptures


A landscape painted by Cynthia Guild-King

Cynthia Guild-Kling

Fine Artist of Vermont Landscapes

Dominique Gustin

Encaustic “Mini” Paintings

“Bird Thoughts”

Kent, Robin 7.jpeg

Robin Kent

Wooden Folk-Art  Sculptures

Art by Gail Martin

Gail Martin

Mixed Media Assemblages

Michelle Turbide

Abstract Expressionist Paintings;

Also Prints & Cards


A photograph of a flower by photographer Krista Cheney

Krista Cheney

Frozen Flower and Fungi

John Geery

Photographs of Vermont

Letendre, Denise 2 - vintage shoes.jpg

Denise Letendre

Sepia/Vintage-Style Photographs

Landscape photograph by Anne Majusiak

Anne Majusiak

Vermont Rural Landscapes,

Nature and Night Skies

Jeff Schneiderman

Photographs of Vermont


Holmes, Deborah 1 - Barn.jpeg

Deborah Holmes

Watercolor Prints

Giraffe painting by Joan Mackenzie

Joan Mackenzie

Animal Art Prints and Cards

MacDonald Dialogue.jpg

Carol MacDonald

Limited Edition Prints/Monoprints

Artist Nick Mayer drawing a fish

Nick Mayer

Illustrative Prints

of Fish and Aquatic Life

Kathryn Milillo

Fine Art Prints; Cards

A drawing of foxes by Jess Polanshek

Jess Polanshek

Whimsical, Illustrative Prints and Cards of the Natural World

Vermont poster by Kevin Ruelle

Kevin Ruelle

Faux Vintage Travel Posters

A poster by artist John Vincent

John Vincent

Letterpress “Revolutionary” Art


Crocker, Scott tree spirit 2.jpg

Scott Crocker

Carved Wood

Jim Cunningham

Hardwood Pens

Toby Fulwiler

Turned Wooden Bowls and Other Items

Reed Prescott

One-of-a-Kind Repurposed

Wooden Jewelry & Gifts

Wooden furniture by Rockledge Farm Woodworks

Rockledge Farm Woodworks

Native Hardwood Bowls,

Utensils and Tableware

Cardinal ornament by Gary Starr

Gary Starr

Carved Bird Ornaments

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