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Denise Letendre

Sepia/Vintage-Style Photographs

I am originally from suburban Connecticut, where I graduated from the University of Hartford with a BFA in painting/illustration.  For the past 20-plus years, I have been living and working in Vermont. Although my background is in painting, I make pictures primarily with a camera these days and am inspired by the light of the changing seasons, the rural landscape, and the architecture of Vermont.


I love to explore and I have a persistent sense of curiosity. A great day for me is poking around old houses, barns, and back roads with my camera to discover inspiration for images. It’s like a search-and-find or like looking for treasure. I find myself drawn to dusty corners, weathered siding, cluttered nooks, and little-used roads. I  am always looking for how the light sneaks in through cracks, or how it blazes over a tree line.


When I  travel the dirt roads banked by cornfields, through charming towns that have seen better days, by old barns dappled in light, - it resonates deeply. It’s this experience that I hope my photographs express; the instant when you stumble on something beautiful or something true that catches your breath for a second. My pictures are a record of my constant curiosity and rambling exploration, like individual time capsules. Mostly they are a tribute to the simplicity of everyday quietude and the poetry of light.

Mist Over Bomoseen_Denise Letendre.jpg
Eat- Denise Letendre.jpg
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