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Joan MacKenzie

Animal Art Prints and Cards

Joan MacKenzie is a self-taught artist who loves animals and color.  She has spent many happy hours photographing pikas* out west, moose in Vermont and Wyoming, cows and horses in Italy, and zebras, elephants, and giraffes in Kenya.  Back at home she captures their personalities with acrylics.  Bright colors are used in unusual ways to jazz up the animals or to enhance their natural habitats.  Pet portraits are created in the owner’s preferred style.


Joan considers the animals to be long lasting characters and friends. That is why she prefers to show them in many formats and make each one available to as many people as possible.  Her collection includes originals, unframed prints, cards, and magnets.  She also has photographs of some of her favorite animals from near and far.    


 *A pika is a small furry relative of the rabbit, about the size of a large hamster, that lives in rocky slopes high in the mountains of western North America.

Artist Joan Mackenzie painting in her studio
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