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Anne Majusiak

Vermont Rural Landscapes, Nature and Night Skies

As a Vermont photographer, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by our rich and varied landscape of incredible natural beauty. I am inspired by our landscapes of mountains, rivers and lakes, woodlands, villages and farms, night skies brilliant with stars, and our magnificent four seasons that each have a unique splendor. 


My favorite images are those that reveal themselves to me when my heart is open to the world around me and I suddenly find myself captivated by a scene I may have passed dozens of times before. Most of my photographs are shot within thirty miles of my home near Bristol. The roads and hills and villages and farms are familiar, but when I am in that magical place of openness, I see familiar scenes through new eyes.


I first studied photography at university some forty years ago when it was all film and negatives and smelly chemicals in darkrooms. Photography equipment has changed since then and the new world of digital offers enormous opportunities. Ultimately though, it always comes back to how one sees the world and how one expresses that vision. I hope you like how I see my world.

Photographer Anne Majusiak taking a photo
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