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Gary Starr

Carved Bird Ornaments

I started Starr Decoys in Weybridge, Vermont in 1987. My style evolved from my father's influence and reflects the clean lines of traditional hunting decoys. I now work in my studio that was rebuilt in 1999 from an old post and beam barn from a farm in Granville, Vermont.   

I carved my first bird, a miniature black duck, with my father, Dr. George Ross Starr, Jr. M.D., in 1956 at nine years old.  My father collected over 2,000 decoys in Duxbury, Massachusetts where he wrote "Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway".

The Gary Starr*Carved Bird Ornament Collection was begun in 1992 for a craft show in Burlington and now consists of more than 70 species in production. The approximately 5 to 6 inch hanging collection pieces are designed, carved out of Vermont basswood, and painted in my studio.  On the flat back, I identify, brand, date, and sign each piece.

Along with my wife, Kathy, we have gone on birding trips throughout the world gaining an appreciation for the natural world. We are both active members of Otter Creek Audubon Society.

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