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Judith Bryant

Stoneware and Porcelain Pottery

I have lived and made pots in northern Vermont for over 50 years…50 and counting!

I grew up in Massachusetts and Wisconsin, then graduated from Barnard College in New York City (where there were no clay classes).  Pursuing an interest that began in junior high school, I studied ceramics in Boulder, Colorado and in Alfred, New York, and Vermont.

Artist Judith Bryant stands by her kiln

After moving to Vermont, I taught pottery classes in the 1970’s at the Shelburne Craft School for adults and also served as assistant director.  Later, I became resident potter and teacher at Frog Hollow, the first Vermont State Craft Center in Middlebury. Teaching introduced me to all sorts of people I might never have met otherwise.  Their interests helped expand my own.

Since the mid-’80’s, I have been working in private studios in Vermont, occasionally demonstrating pottery techniques, collaborating with art teachers on projects in local schools, or substitute-teaching clay classes.  For over 20 years, I made my studio and showroom in a renovated barn near the center of Lincoln, VT, before moving to a smaller space in Starksboro village in 2014.

Now, since we moved from the woods of Starksboro to the center of Bristol, for the first time I have a studio here at home.  Clay continues to be my consuming interest.  I’ll always be fascinated by the process — the rhythm and flow of work on the wheel, the alchemy of transforming soft clay through the fire into pottery.

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