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John Geery

Photographs of Vermont

True confession: I never did photography as a hobby! I got my first camera so I could illustrate the articles I was writing for the Daily Utah Chronicle at the University of Utah. I doubled my income just by snapping a few photos. Little did I know that photography would soon become my all-consuming passion and full-time income.

I did get a degree in journalism, but upon graduation I went to work in a pro photo lab in Salt Lake City and learned all about color printing- the old way, with film, paper and chemicals. Ultimately, I was able to land a job as staff photographer for a company in Idaho. I learned all about studio lighting and composition. On weekends, I made many trips to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone and took landscape photos to sell at craft shows.

In 1984, I moved to Vermont to pursue a dream of being my own boss as a photographer. Amazingly, that worked out, and all these years later I’m still at it.  Vermont has the scenic beauty and a vibrant tourist industry to make it possible.

You may have deciphered that I’m old, and you’d be correct. Thoughts of retirement cross my mind, but why? Photography is so exciting with all the possibilities created by digital photography. I can’t stop now!

Artist John Geery
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