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Jeri Canfield

Quilted Throw Pillows, Tablerunners, Bags & Potholders

Sewing a straight seam all started with 4-H Club, but soon I found that I could purchase better clothes than I could make.  I discovered quilt making in the 1970’s and enjoyed it so much that it became my passion. My first quilt was our wedding quilt in 1974.  It was a Goose in the Pond pattern done in the scrap fabric style.

I use traditional quilt patterns as well as new modern abstract designs of my own creation to create my products.  I do all the piecing on the sewing machine for strength in the seam and the edges are finished by hand for a look of quality. Creating beautiful products with all the gorgeous fabrics of today makes the hours in the studio worthwhile.  In 1998 I joined Vermont Hand Crafters and started doing shows. This gives me direct customer input on the products which leads to design changes and additions that have enhanced the product line.

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