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Elin Joy - Metal Nomad
Metal Jewelry Inspired by the World

My creative journey in jewelry-making began on another journey 18 years ago as a young woman backpacking through Asia. While in Thailand, I developed a bead obsession and started making and selling beaded jewelry. Also while living there, I met my husband-to-be, a native New Englander. After marrying, we settled in  Vermont in 2007 to be near his extended family.

Although I now live in the small town of Middlebury, I grew up in Sweden in Gothunberg, the second largest city located on the West coast. My Dad encouraged me to travel to all sorts of unusual places as he likes also to do. I was eager to leave Sweden and see the world. Now I am happily settled in Vermont which feels like home to me. I still visit Sweden occasionally to visit family and now appreciate its spare beauty in a way I didn’t previously.

I am mostly self-taught as a jeweler. After my bead jewelry, I became fascinated with Metal Clay after seeing in jewelry publicaitons what could be created from it. It is shaped like any soft clay using hands or molds. After drying, the clay is fired in a kiln with the binder burning away, leaving the pure metal. I then took a class in silversmithing at Frog Hollow which helped bring together techniques of soldering metal into my jewelry.
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My next exploration in jewelry was making “chain mail” which is similar to knitting” with metal. I appreciate the historical aspect of it since it was used in Viking armor and is part of my Scandinavian heritage. I also enjoy the intellectual challenge of using mathematical aspect ratios to create it

Beading, silversmithing, metal clay, chain mail and recently dyed leather are all now incorporated into my current work which is perfect for both daily wear as well as special occasions.
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