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Amy Dalton

Eclectic, Hand-Crafted Jewelry


A Spanish word meaning to hope for; wish for; desire


When I left my career as an elementary school librarian in 2016, my path going forward was far from clear to me. A chance encounter with a jewelry artist at a bead shop led me to an opportunity that I never would or could have imagined. I deeply connected with her work and boldly asked her to mentor me. She did and with her, I learned how to enamel, solder, and design. This was the start of my hope, my desire to become an artist.  


Today, Ojalá Designs has grown to be more than a hope and a desire. Streams of consciousness drive much of my work where you'll find bits and pieces of stone, shell, or found objects in the design. Collections and photos of plant life, patterns, textures and architecture, too, influence my work as well. Organic, eclectic, vibrant and imperfect describe the pieces I make. 


My work is made entirely by hand and each piece is unique. I dabble in and challenge myself with a variety of techniques that include enameling, combining silver with copper, mixing media and metal etching. Whenever possible, I love to add sculptural elements that add a little movement.

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