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David Epstein

Lake Champlain Beach Stone Jewelry


David Epstein has been designing jewelry for all of his adult life. He always had a love of art and decided to pursue this passion by creating jewelry. He has participated in numerous craft fairs and shows throughout the Northeast and displays his work in many shops and galleries.

His designs can be considered classical and also contemporary. Lake Champlain Beach stone jewelry is his latest successful line. These stones can be found on the shores of Lake Champlain and were formed 500 million years ago, at the same time the mountains became part of the landscape of Vermont. When cut and polished, they display interesting and diverse black and white patterns.

All of his pieces are crafted using traditional metal-smithing techniques, such as forging, hammering, bending and soldering with a torch. Making precious metal move fluidly is one of his trademarks.

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