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Dominique Gustin

Encaustic “Mini” Paintings
“Bird Thoughts”

I’ve been a visual artist for over 30 years, attended the Art Institute of Chicago, and enjoy writing poetry and working in a variety of artistic media. My work traverses the mysterious and familiar, with frequent departures into whimsy and humor. Most recently, my time is consumed with a new series of encaustic “mini” paintings exploring bird thought. Each painting features a native Vermont bird and a visual “thought bubble” of what they might be contemplating. Accompanying each piece is a short creative interpretation.


While the birds and themes may be repeated, each painting is unique and handmade by myself using collaged paper, watercolor, charcoal, graphite and encaustic paint. The wax surfaces are luminous and smooth, with areas that have been carved away to reveal parts of the underpainting – adding texture and dimension. Given the dynamic nature of melted, pigmented wax, carving, and brush/line strokes … there will never be two that are exactly alike.

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