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Winslow Colwell

Folded Geodesic Lanterns

I began creating my art in the 1980s when I made flyable kites to sell at craft fairs and at kite shops throughout the country.  I still make kites, but now they are meant to fly as wall art. I work in paper and bamboo, and and make pieces up to six feet in diameter.

My folded geodesic lanterns are made using photographic imagery as in the larger kite pieces. I patiently fold the heavy paper and then glue in a heavy wooden base. Some of the lanterns are perforated, created an effect of twinkling stars when lit from within. They are illuminated

with either an LED with an in-line switch or using a battery-powered

touch lamp. The lanterns provide soft accent illumination and are

perfect as a child’s night light.

Colwell, Win.jpg
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